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Your advantage

The enormous advantage of TAXOIL is your independence. You rent a vehicle and if you do not want it any more (for whatever reason), just return the vehicle. You have not signed a contract with terms of return, therefore no page by page fine print and you do not have to tick the terms and conditions as read, with us.


The deposit is € 550, - (five hundred and fifty) for each vehicle you rent. When you return the vehicle, we do the final calculations and the deposit will be refunded within 3 days.


We always charge the car weekly. On your bill, you'll find the total of kilometers driven from Monday, 00:00h, to following Monday, 00:00h. We read out the amount of kilometers directly from the car and send you the bill by email on Tuesday.

The bill has to be paid no later than Thursday 08:00 to 17:00. You can pay in cash, by direct debit or by debit card. If you do not pay by Thursday, we stop the car on Friday, pull it in, and end the business relationship.

SEPA debit customers

A SEPA direct debit is possible in principle. Once we have checked your account (there will be a debit from your account of € 1, -) then the deposit will be increased and we can start with the SEPA direct debit.

Additional services + costs

... to be found here

Accidental damage

Any damage must be reported without delay (immediately) to the company. Ms. Salman will inform you about the further procedure. Important! Each accident requires an accident report. If mobile phone photos from the opponent's vehicle (opponent's license must be present on a photo), this is quite "super".

Please come directly into the company with the accident report and the mobile phone photos. The vehicle is inspected by the insurance company and then repaired by us. During the repair period, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle if possible.

Traffic monitoring

The cameras record the traffic, (not the interior) and after a shock they save the last 2 minutes and lock them (unfortunately not always; depends on the strength of the shock). All other recordings are continuously overwritten.

Please come to the company Taxoil immediately after an accident! With the help of the film you can find out who changed lanes and who drove at “Green”. The insurance company recognizes the film in advance - and you save yourself the drivers' stories.


If your own car was damaged, a damage deductible is due. The damage insurance requires a deductible of 750.--, but at least 10% of the damage to the own car.

If a third party vehicle has been damaged, this also results in a deductible for liability. Here the insurance claims the first 750.-- Euro from the opposite party's damage! The insurance company determines the "guilty" on the basis of the information given by the accident participants. If the company Taxoil is the culpable part (according to insurance), then the deductible is to be paid for the damage caused (the first 750.-- Euro of the opposite party's damage). This means: Even if you feel absolutely innocent, the company must pay - and therefore, unfortunately, you too.

The deductible is due immediately, but at the latest when picking up the repaired vehicle !!!

Example 1: You hit the curb, damage € 150.--. You pay € 150 since the damage is under the deductible limit and no opposing party is present.

Example 2: Example 2 – An unknown person damages your car and commits hit and run; You feel innocent. Damage is 1,200 .-- Euro. You pay the damage deductible at 750 .-- plus VAT.

Example 3: You are briefly distracted and hit the preceding car's rear. The damage to your car amounts to 1300.-- Euro and € 900.-- to the opposite party's car. You pay the damage deductible at € 750.-- and the liability deductible at € 750.--. Together, you pay € 1500.-- plus VAT = € 1800.--.

Example 4: You nod off momentarily and hit a streetlight. The damage to your own car is € 15,000.-- and € 2900.-- to the lightpole. You pay the damage deductible at 10% of the damage = € 1,500.-- and the liability deductible of € 750.--. Together, you pay € 2250.-- plus VAT = € 2700.--.

Important! A photo at the scene of the accident says more than many words afterwards. Also photograph your opponent's damage!

Reduce deductible with camera premium.

Minimum mileage

The KM price is calculated on at least 60,000 km per year. Basis per month therefore is 4,500 kilometers. We always consider the company in the whole. It is not necessary to change drivers so that every vehicle drives the same amount!
So, if you don't reach this number for 2 months in a row without a valid reason (valid reasons: bad business January, car accident, drivers have quit, a.o.), then we will talk to you - and find a solution.

Almost always we reduce the number of cars. Only in one case do we charge minimum mileage: If a Mercedes is only used privately and agreed with us that the minimum mileage is either kept or charged.

Not included ...

Here you will find which services are not included in the rental price.


Please do not call on Monday and ask for the bill from the previous week - there we are not ready yet! When we are ready - at the earliest on Tuesday evening - we will send you the invoice by email immediately.

If you return the vehicle and stop renting, we have 3 working days for the billing. If possible, we will be ready the next day, but "instantly" and "right away" does not work.

Checking your new rental

When you take over a car, please check if there are damages. We record the damage in our books and then we both know about it. You do not need to check the tank, because with how much diesel you give the vehicle back does not matter (At least the tank should stand at ¼). We can not compensate you for a full tank either.

Foreign trips

Foreign trips to the European Union are permitted in principle. Journeys to the former "Eastern Bloc" (Romania, Bulgaria, Poland etc.) have to be arranged in advance because of the theft risk. Trips that do not go to the EU, e.g. Turkey, Bosnia, Serbia etc. are not allowed. There is an insurance risk (no comprehensive insurance) and there are high roaming costs due to the GPS.


All modifications of this website are changed under the different points and also in the point "News". The news remain for two weeks minimum or until something new comes on.

Each time we publish a new bit of "News", we send you an Email and a SMS-message. If you don't agree with these procedures, please contact us.

Additional fittings

You are not allowed to carry out any additional work on the vehicle yourself. If necessary, such installations are - exclusively! - carried out by our workshop. Additional installations are possible in principle.

Smoking ban

Whether it's a taxi or a rental car, there is no smoking in the vehicles, for the driver just as much as for the passengers. The driver is responsible. You will also be penalized if you do not - however, the passenger smokes! This is so prescribed by law.

If nevertheless somebody has smoked has in the vehicle, we must ventilate and clean it! Cleaning is costly. Please spare us the work and yourself the cleaning costs, or the high fines of the police. Thank you.