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Taxoil APP

We have a wonderful APP for the drivers. This app "TAXOIL" is specially made for rental car drivers and taxi drivers and contains everything worth knowing.
Please pass this information on to your drivers.
Please download this APP yourself. We are constantly expanding the APP with the latest news.


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Accidental damage - Deductible

We ask you to pay the deductible in the event of a fault, at the latest when you pick up the repaired car or to arrange a possible installment payment. In any case, the first installment is payable on collection of the car.


Valid: 01-01-2020

Success factor camera - premium

The camera is a huge success! An accident opponent claimed that our driver drove in red. The film showed green. We sent in the film and the opposing insurance company paid off without hesitation. The camera cleared the case. Before that there would have been a court case and 50:50. A functioning camera saves the company money for unnecessary litigation. In the reverse case, where the driver tries to save the deductible (for a short time), clarity can be created using the camera.

The basic requirements for this are:

For this we reward you with a premium of € 250 (damage insurance) and also € 250 (liability insurance, if applicable) in the event of a culpable accident (will be deducted from the deductible; the deductible is now only € 1,000). In the event of an accident through no fault of your own, we will reward you with a premium of € 250.


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We were punished by the police (unfortunately also the driver) because there was no “Landesbetriebsordnung” in the rental car.
In a taxi, various things have to be carried, such as a city map, tariff regulations, Landesbetriebsordnung, etc. The police have now realized that the Landesbetriebsordnung must also be carried in a rental car. It must be given to the passenger on request. So it belongs in the glove box.

From now on, Mr. Rötzer has a Landesbetriebsordnung ready for your glove compartment. Please tell your driver where the Landesbetriebsordnung is so that we will not be punished. Mr. Rötzer will also call you about this in the next few days.


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Electrical power - Cost

We charge you the electricity costs (refuel) at a flat rate of € 0.03. This price is only possible if you exclusively refuel at the card company on which the card is issued. So if you have Smatrics, then please refuel on the Smatrics column. If you fill up on another column, there are correspondingly high roaming charges. We thank you for your discipline.


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Refueling wrong fuel

Unfortunately, the drivers refueling wrongly pile up. Earlier, 20 years ago, the gasoline-diesel mixture was simply drained and distributed to 10 cars. Today you have to "dispose of" the mixture at high cost and the damages on the car are severe. High pressure pump, injector valves, fuel filters and the 4 injectors are mostly damaged or break down in the following weeks.

A damage of 5,000.-- Euro is usually the result.

If you notice it, preferably at the gas station, do n o t drive on, you may n o t drive into the company, but turn off the car and leave it. We tow it to our workshop.

Therefore, we charge € 1,000.-- flat rate for wrong refueling and driving on.


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Accident damage - camera

After every traffic accident, come to our workshop immediately.

If you believe, hope or know that you are not guilty of the accident and cameras are already mounted in the vehicle, then come immediately so that we can use the traffic surveillance cameras to read the accident. That's how you save yourself the damage deductible!


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Traffic monitor

We are now installing cameras. These cameras record the traffic, (not the interior) and after shock they save the last 2 minutes and lock them. All other recordings are overwritten continuously.

Please come to the company immediately after an accident! With the help of the film, you can determine who has changed the track and who went to "green". The insurance recognizes the film in advance - and you save yourself the drivers' stories.

These "driver/accident" stories cost a lot of money. (For example, litigation trials that are based on incorrect information.) Should the camera be shut down or removed, we would have to do without the driver responsible.