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Not included ...

Of course, our workshop repairs everything on your rented car.

Not included in the rental price:

  1. Missing pharmacy, breakdown triangle. We equip the vehicles only once with breakdown triangle and pharmacy.
  2. Consequences of mishaps, such as tire damage (curb) and flat tire (nail), should there be a towing due to this also the towing costs (€ 100, -), stone chips on the windshield (Come right into the workshop - maybe the stone chip can be repaired, repair only € 30, -), heating failure, because a pen has fallen into it and similar.
  3. Damage due to burglary under € 750, - (damage insurance deductible)
  4. Wear and tear, such as worn windscreen wipers, broken lights, worn floor mats, broken seat belt, because your driver is sitting on it, instead of strapping on and similar.
  5. Refueling a wrong fuel causes very big damage (high-pressure pump, injectors, etc.) and costs a flat rate of € 1,000, -. If you notice the mistake, turn off the engine (best at the gas station) !!! call. That can save money!
  6. AdBlue is not included in the rental price!
    Please always refill AD BLUE on time. Do not wait until it's almost off! The display in the car is not the exactest, and so it happens that the vehicle does not start any more. Trawling into the workshop and reprogramming is unnecessary. But not for nothing!