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Electrical power

There are 3 types of electric cars

  • Hybrid: The electric motor is charged via a generator by a diesel or gasoline engine as well as braking. No charging at a charging station!

  • Plugin: A battery can be charged both at a charging station and through its own diesel / gasoline engine. Range with battery 50 KM.

  • Electric Has only one electric motor and is charged on the charging station. These are our Hyundai Ioniq Electricity. Range 230 KM. Vienna and the surrounding area have more than 1000 charging stations.

Where to get electricity?

We charge you the electricity costs (refuel) at a flat rate of € 0.03. This price is only possible if you exclusively refuel at the card company on which the card is issued. So if you have Smatrics, then please refuel on the Smatrics column. If you fill up on another column, there are correspondingly high roaming charges. We thank you for your discipline.

The danger emanating from an electric car should not be underestimated. An electric shock that goes from the battery, that's 500 volts, is deadly. The bonnet may only be opened with the ignition switched off and only to fill up windshield washer fuel. We also like to do that for you free of charge

Lamp replacement only by us! Please do not touch anything in the engine compartment because the deadly battery power is always present.

If you hit a car from behind, if you had an accident, call us or if possible come to us immediately. A defective battery may start to burn after 6 hours.

If you do not open the hood, you have a safe, perfect car.

For your and our safety, every electric driver should come to our company before his first assignment. There we copy his driver's license and give him an information sheet, which he then studies and subsequently confirms in writing that he has understood it.

Electrical power costs

You will receive a Power-charging card from us, either Wien-Energie or Smatrics. You can test both cards alternately and then decide on one. The electricity you draw is included in the rental fee.

Charging with SMATRICS

Please download the SMATRICS app. Now select list view 10 on the app and you will see the charging stations near you. Of course, only the fast charging stations are of interest to you. You can only load by charging card, not with your mobile phone!

How to load:

  1. Drive to the Smatrics charging station
  2. Touch the touch screen
  3. From now on, do everything the display shows

Questions and Answers

Why doesn't the charging start?

  • Make sure that the charging plug is firmly anchored in the charging socket of the charging station and in the vehicle. (This is the reason for the message "vehicle not recognized".)
  • Have you properly authenticated yourself at the charging station with your charging card? Please try again with your charging card.
  • In some vehicles, the locking of the car by means of central locking is necessary. Please read icheck the vehicle description if necessary.
  • With some charging stations, authentication takes up to 30 seconds.
  • Start of charging must often be confirmed by pressing a button.

Why can't the charging cable be disconnected?

Did you finish loading correctly? Plug the charging cable firmly back into the socket. Hold your customer card on the display again to start the loading process and then finish it again by re-placing your customer card.

ATTENTION In the case of a wallbox, the charging plug on the vehicle must first be loosened. If this is not possible, please read the vehicle description.

Why does my vehicle get less charge than indicated for the respective charging station?

It depends on the vehicle how much power can be absorbed. Please consult your vehicle dealer for the maximum charging level of your vehicle and the factors influencing the vehicle-absorbed power, e. g. decreasing charge curve to protect the battery or outside temperature.

I can not find the charging station at the specified address. Where exactly is this?

If you do not find your desired charging station right away, please take a look at the SMATRICS Austria map. It is available at or via app. Per app you get additional information about the respective charging station, e.g. at garages parking level / floor. A download of the charging station directory is also available online.

The button "Loading" is displayed in gray, or can not be clicked. How can I load anyway?

This can happen if the charging point is busy or if there is currently no data connection to the server. When the charging point is free, please use your charging card.

The designated parking lot for charging is blocked by a fossil vehicle. What can I do?

In this case, SMATRICS can not arrange road haulage, but we are happy to deal with such cases and contact our location partner to avoid this in the future.

Why are some locations not accessible around the clock?

SMATRICS is bound to the opening hours of the cooperation partners.

Signing in in the app or on the website does not work. How can I still use the service?

This service is only available to customers in a current tariff. Before logging in for the first time, you must create an SMETRICS user account. The email address used when registering must be the same as that used when signing the contract.