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Unfortunately, there are petrol stations in Vienna, where the person at the cash register is dealing with fuel bills. There, a 20-liter document will be exchanged for a 40-liter document or a receipt will be sold.

The big advantage of having your own fuel card is mainly that only a certain group of people use the card. Thus, as a company, no other fuel bills can be deferred.

On the receipt you can see where the fueling was done, the date and time.

Then comes the bonus card number (2506190000014); this is assigned to the company Taxoil for the golden VIP-Card.

In other words, if the driver refuels his private car with it, this is not relevant, because it can not be extrapolated to sales, but only the amount are found, all VIP cardholders have fueled together.Of course, you will receive a discount from the ENI petrol station, which will be deducted immediately on the invoice.

As you can see from the bill, 10 liters were fueled and a discount of 4 ct. deducted per liter.

On the back of the VIP-Card you will find 12 petrol stations where you can refuel with this card.

The "poor" driver does not have to drive across Vienna to fuel his car at low cost.

On the Taxoil app, especially for your driver, are very clearly listed all gas stations with opening times.