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Included in the mileage are:

  1. The vehicle, damage and liability insurance included.
  2. Service and Repairs.
  3. Master Workshop with § 57 review for private use
  4. Tires: Summer/Winter and replacement.
  5. Electronic tollway fee.
  6. You drive for free from 8000 to 9000 km per car and calendar month.
  7. GPS data free up to 50 days back
  8. Stick-on plaque: „DRIVER'S TIP IS NOT INCLUDED“
  9. The Golden Fuel Card reduces costs.
  10. Info on electrical power
  11. Your Independence
  12. Payment by direct debit, cash and now also with credit card!
  13. Additional services + costs
  14. Your company safe in the workshop.
  15. Here you can check what services are not included in the rental fee