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Every customer who rents one or more cars from us has the option of tracking our rental cars with GPS. You can track the vehicles up to 50 days back.

This Service is now included in the rent.

You want to test this service?

Then we need zour e-mail address so that we can set up your Internet access:

Once we have set up the access for you, we will inform you.

Operation Manual

Go to "TRACKING", where you can see an overview of your vehicles. Select a license plate and click on it. Now enter data from ... to on the left side under GPS Tracking.

If you click "Map", you will see the route of this vehicle for the current day graphed. You can select the time of day on the timeline below the date, thus restricting the search. If a vehicle has not been used for a certain period, the message "No data" appears. The location at a certain time and additional information can be obtained by clicking on one of the plan "pins".

Finally, click on "LOGOUT" in the upper right corner.