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The renter of the wagon with the license plate ................ confirms to the lessor (TAXOIL Tankstellenbetriebs-GmbH), that he is aware that in the rented vehicle, a start-stop automatic is installed, which prevents the vehicle from moving or restarting the vehicle, if the rental fee is not or not completely or not paid on time to the lessor.

In particular, the renter expressly notes that the automatic start / stop function can also lead to situations that prevent the vehicle from moving or restarting, even though the vehicle was previously put into operation. In extreme cases, this can lead to situations that lead to damage to the vehicle or other vehicles involved or injury to passengers or other road users.

The renter explicitly declares in this connection to indemnify and hold harmless the lessor from any liability claims arising from such situations and in particular to waive all claims for damages against the lessor.

Renter (Corporate Signature)

Lessor (TAXOIL Tankstellenbetriebs-GmbH)